Happy 10th for Maplestory

shop2018 | 15 February, 2019 03:44

More to note I do not plan on maining those characters I like my AB strategy to continue this for a long time and once I go from it, it will either be my Phantom or kanna so I really don't care what I make Cheap MS2 Mesos.I have believed about the DS the % maplestory2 boss damage is fine that the card impact isnt that amazing but meh who cares.

I have also thought about building a cygnus... I don't have one so if I thats 24 ATT increase the question would be which one? The thunder breaker looks most promising with all the card impact giving bonus damage per degree (unless I am missunderstanding the card impact ) he's also a pirate that would mean I can replace my shade with him thus giving me back the 6 percent PDR. The link maplestory2 skill however is amazing. If I needed all 5 to create then wouldn't be poor but I believe a lone cygnus connection is poor ( I could be wrong im a noob here).

That is all I have to donate to this I'm not so smart in these aspects and wouldn't know what would be better im requesting the players to their help. I would very much love it thanks!

I keep tabs on this game because it different from everything else I've encountered though I have not logged on in perhaps a year or so.

For you, the playerbase, I acknowledge on many occasions I have shouted at my screen, asking Nexon to repair the game and stop pasting patches in, and this and this, and I have also grown upset with Maplestory 2 Mesos them because of the technology maplestory2 issues. But you come to recognize this is only natural for a match of the size.To the maplestory2 team, thanks for always being patient with uswhen we act like the most immature and irrespectable small brats that we could be.


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